Healthy Hair = Happy Hair

Y'all, when I say my hair used to be dead, I mean D-E-A-D DEAD. I have super thick hair and I used to hate it all through middle and high school so I would literally fry it to make it as thin as possible - big mistake. Fast forward to now, I don't wash my hair as often, I don't use scary cheap products on it anymore, and I simply just try to take a little better care of it than before. I used to go to a salon that used these products and I would not wash my hair for days because it always smelled so good. Those haircare products they used came in the prettiest, vibrant blue bottles and I am absolutely obsessed with them still today - Moroccanoil!

I recently switched to using their Shampoo and Conditioner and I have seen and felt such a difference in the strength of my hair since I switched! Not only that, I have learned more about their amazing products and have began to slowly add them to my collection! Below are my top 3 products that you need for your hair this Spring & Summer! I have linked all of the products for you to read more about by clicking on the titles of them!

Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion

A lotion for your hair... yup I'll take that! The smallest amount goes the longest way! Just brush it out through your hair using your fingers when your hair is still wet before you dry it and just dry it! No need to wash it out! It will smooth your hair while limiting the frizziness to a minimum! An absolute need for that summer humidity!

Moroccanoil Treatment

The traditional MoroccanOIL! This stuff does not lie. It conditions your hair while also helping those fine hairs! It comes in a dark and light color to help tone the hair to the color you have (like... how cool is that?). You can apply it to wet hair or dry hair - both will give you amazing results!

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

Once again, a product that comes in dark and light tones to help your hair look fresh(er than it really is)! Dry Shampoo is a MUST for me through school and I am absolutely in love with this brand's version! While it is pricier than the bottles you could pick up at Target, I prefer this one because it smells better and actually helps those roots more than the other stuff!