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Hello and welcome to my favorite little corner of the internet.  I started this journey years ago my senior year of high school when I started a secret blog that I shared with nobody.  I eventually got the courage to share it to my social media and it was so fun to watch a small secret grow into a full blown passion.  I followed along on that journey up until my junior year of college when life got busy and I was pursuing my degree in Elementary Education at Indiana University full blast.  After taking years off from blogging, I realized this is something I love to do... so here I am again!

When I am not writing posts, editing photos, and on social media in a coffee shop (my favorite place to be in the world), I am teaching fifth grade!  My ultimate goal is to be able to work solely on Kylie Morgan as a career because it includes everything I love about life.  Being able to share small parts of me, build a community, and simply just have fun making it through each day is what excites me!  

While I will write blog posts on here often, be sure to also follow along on Instagram @kyliemorganblog for more frewquent updates, posts, and more!

Thank you for choosing to be here with me.  I am so excited for what is to come!

xo ,

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